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No Longer In Service

Run Time: 53 minutes
Size: 484.5 MB
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"No Longer In Service" examines the United States Postal Service's current challenges in a world where written communications may be on the way out, replaced by an on-line, E-mail driven paradigm. How did the U.S.P.S. go from being an incredibly large, very profitable business to its current money losing condition? Can it hope to survive, or is it doomed to extinction - as exemplified by exclusive footage taken inside the Old Chicago Post Office before it went on the auction block. Once the largest post office in the world, and the hub for the United States economy, it stands empty and derelict. Is this what the future holds for the U.S.P.S, or can it remake itself in a world driven by on-line shopping and bill paying. When the U.S.P.S. closed the post office in a small rural Nevada town, the people living there struggle to keep the post office open at their own expense, as they feel it is a critical part of the fabric of their community. How they worked together, with the help of the state and federal representative, tells a powerful story of how important the post office can be in a small rural town, and how cost-cutting decisions made thousands of miles away can impact the way of life for people living in rural America.

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